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Outlook Backup is a windows application to backup all your emails (password protected) and to restore them safely and easily. Not only emails, but also account setting, address books, blocked senders, signatures, rules and other mail settings (outlook) are backed up in a separate file. This assures you can access en receive your e-mails directly after a crash or problem with your mail. You can backup and check your restore of your mail in the 15 days trial period. After the trial period Outlook Backup costs $ 19,95 per license. Outlook Backup supports:- Microsoft Outlook 97, XP, 2003, 2007- Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0 or higher- Windows Vista: Windows Mail Special Features:- Email synchronization (restores a segment of the emails by date, size and free selection)- Auto backup sets a timer to backup your mails on a given date and time- Backup in zip format and sqx compression format- Transfer backup directly to a ftp server from within the program- Split your backup in adjustable parts for DVD s, CD s or on multiple flash drives

Systems: Windows

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